Recovery welding of forging dies

The recovery of moulds has a number of significant advantages for metal companies to bear in mind.

Advantages of die recovery by welding:

  • Cost savings. Both in economic terms and in the management and stock of tools for forging.
  • It improves the quality of forged component thanks to the fact that the impression is tougher and more resistance to wear.
  • It allows the possibility of reusing dies by being able to change their impression.
  • It improves the performance of dies.
  • Reconstruction of damaged parts (crenations, guides, dovetails).
  • Consistent, repetitive quality.

Die recovery welding process:

The recovery by welding (deposition welding) of moulds for hot forging is done as follows:

  • Cleaning the part by eliminating the mould.
  • Pre-heating.
  • Welding using a digitally programmed machine controlling the welding parameters.
  • Heat treatment for stress relief.
  • End machining of the mould.

Die recovery alloys:

The welding supplies that we use are designed in accordance with the needs of each forging procedure, with a hardness that varies between 33 and 56 RC.

Within the same mould, there is the possibility of reloading it with several types of alloys depending on the problems in each of the areas.

Recovery of forging dies:

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