Founded in 1965, Reisa S.A. is located in Sopelana, Biscay.

Since its inception, the company’s activity has focused on recovering heavy industry components. More specifically, its main activity is hard surfacing by welding.

To do this, it has work facilities of 1500m2, where it has all of the machinery necessary to provide its services efficiently and with the utmost quality.

In some cases, due to the size of the component or its location, if necessary our technicians will carry out on-site repairs.


To offer our customers the best service with the highest quality, to make maintenance a key part of the production cycle.


  • Excellence
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer orientation
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Occupational health and safety


We have a capacity of:

  • 6 submerged arc welding heads.
  • 1 programmable MIG welding head.
  • 1 automatic MIG welding head with positioner.
  • Manual and semi-automatic welding machines.
  • 2 treatment furnaces of up to 4 × 2.3 × 1.3 m.
  • Milling machine 10 tons.
  • 2 cranes of up to 25 tons.
  • 4 lathes of up to 5 m x 2 m of swing diameter.
  • Vermiculite pit.